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Portraits with a purpose

Barbara Hulme is painting portraits of people with disabilities in the hope of portraying them in a positive light. Providing insight into the lives of the people behind the paintings, participants were invited to submit their own stories to accompany the artwork.

Hulme hopes that in sensitively painting and portraying these works, it will help people have a better understanding of disabilities.

The portraits are split into 4 different categories:

Scars and All, Men's Health, Women's Health and Mental Health.

If you would like to see more of Barbara's work, click on the link below:

“I was extremely excited when I heard about Barbara’s project that I had to register my interest. Creating artworks that are empowering and biographically informed is a responsive way to allow participants to tell their own stories. Hulme’s work is ethereal and sympathetic and I’m looking forward to seeing the collection of work progress.” - Jordan Sallis

Here is Hulme's post calling for volunteers and about how to get involved.


"Hi my lovelies, most of you know what I do and Im looking for some more fabulous disabled people who are wanting see us represented in the arts.

Im a disabled artist and am looking for disabled people, with chronic health conditions and/or mental ill health, neurodiversity, to work with me on my ongoing art projects.

My aim is to empower disabled people by painting sympathetic portraits of us mainly in watercolour.

My method of doing this is by sharing disabled people's stories in their own words as 1. I dont think disabled people are listened to enough as it is and 2. There’s nothing better than hearing first hand experiences from people.

The categories I have, are Mens Health, Women's Health, Gender fluid health, Mental Health and Scars and All.

I am looking for people who will provide me with photographs of themselves in which they appear quirky, pretty. Intelligent, mysterious, whatever suits your personality, who are willing to share their stories about themselves in less than 400 words.

I would retain ownership of the painting and would share the painting and your stories online across social media and in real life at any exhibitions that I may be offered.

Paintings that are sold: 10% of the payment I receive for the painting is given to the person who the portrait is of, or, if you wish to buy your portrait, you get a 10% reduction.

Looking forward to meeting some wonderful new volunteers. Please Dm for more info and if wishing to partake.

A Massive thank you to all my previous wonderful collaborators."

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