A Little Bit About Me



Art Practice BA (With Honours)



Art & Graphic Design Level 3 Diploma




BTEC Art & Design Level 2 Diploma



Through commissions Jordan has completed various projects relating to artistic outcomes, ranging from custom cartography maps, portraits, illustrations, logo designs and website design.

In 2012, Jordan created her own Online Art company: MsBlackInk, which has strengthened skills through creating an authentic brand, website, original artworks, prints and services.

"My art practice focuses on using organic materials as the subject and the medium. Paganism has been a prime influence with the belief of showing a veneration for nature throughout my artistic process, leading me to combine the two by crafting my own tools, inks and papers out of natural resources."

Preferred materials:

Pencil, Fineliner, Pen, Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint, Watercolours, Organic Ink, Pyrography, Mixed Media

Favourite contemporary artists:

Andreas Rüthi, Annette Townsend, Laura Quinn

Favourite historical artists:


John Everett Millais, Vincent Van Gogh, Ernst Haeckel


David Attenborough, Paganism, The Natural World, Earth, Animals, History, Norse Mythology, Vikings, Fantasy, Video Games, Characters, Movies, People

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