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My Art Practice Evolving

Bluebells painted with organic bluebell ink on paper

My art practice at university has changed over the years from: Oil painting, Pyrography, Ecological to Organic. I ask myself why do I continue down this root? I want to further my knowledge and understanding of using nature as an art medium. I find the process fulfilling, unique and therapeutic. To make my own tools and materials and then to utilize them is a satisfying method to make sure artwork is as authentic and genuine as possible. Admittedly I have struggled with the fact that I may not be able to make all of my tools and materials, but by learning these different crafts, I am learning to admire the process and patience needed to make a single sheet of handmade paper, a carved wooden dip pen and a small pot of black lamp black ink. Making of the ingredients is a pain staking process before I’ve even began illustrating.

As if drawing wasn't hard enough😂

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