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"Beautiful things mean painstaking work, disappointment, and perseverance."

"I am doing my very best to make every effort because I am longing so much to make beautiful things. But beautiful things mean painstaking work, disappointment, and perseverance.” – Vincent Van Gogh🌻

Your ability to persevere and keep trying is powerful.

If your being knocked down again and again it can be very disheartening.

This could be from job interviews, applying for opportunities or having your dissertation sent back time and time again for improvements to be made.

After time it can wear you down and lead you thinking to thoughts of; What’s the point? I’m so tired of trying.

It is a painful process to keep putting yourself out there, courageously displaying your worth only to get the response you least hoped for.

Your persistence has value. Even if it is not acknowledged by a person, tutor or organisation you are trying to reach.

Your formidable drive will only make your achievements more meaningful, more deserved and well earned.

In honour of mental health awareness week I will be posting a Vincent Van Gogh quote each day. I hope to bring positivity and light to anyone that is experiencing negative thoughts that are harder to escape at this time.

My inbox is always open❤✉

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