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"Those who dream by day are cognisant of many things..."

“Those who dream by day are cognisant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.” – Vincent Van Gogh🌻

The ability to daydream and wonder offers opportunity for self-reflection and to live in our wildest dreams.

During school I day dreamed nearly every day. Lessons that were overpowered by chaos of misbehaving students and shouting teachers was the prime time to do it.

I was able to escape the manic atmosphere and travel to a happier place.

If I was feeling adventurous I would visualise myself creating a new artwork, progressing in my career and becoming a good artist.

If I was feeling nervous or tired of waiting for the chaos to stop I would visualise calming aspects. I would imagine I was breathing, swimming underwater exploring the ocean and living in a real-life fantasy video game world.

I would become so detached from myself whilst I was focused in my visions that I would be in a meditation state.

I’m convinced my ability to imagine positive, stimulating imagery is what kept my body sitting in a chair when no teaching was taking place.

Dreaming is similar to mindfulness and meditation. It allows you to be completely within your own mind.

In honour of mental health awareness week I will be posting a Vincent Van Gogh quote each day. I hope to bring positivity and light to anyone that is experiencing negative thoughts that are harder to escape at this time.

My inbox is always open❤✉

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