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February Newsletter


Hello! Yes Happy Valentines!

Here are this months offers, projects and studies.

This Months Artwork Offer:

Title: The Punisher – Frank Castle – Jon Berthnal

This Month’s Projects:

I will be creating my Viking clothing for the Jorvik Festival this month.

I will be attending the fortnightly Viking Re-anactment meetings.

I will be taking pictures and sharing the events that happen at the Jorvik Festival.

This Month’s Study & Thought:

Passing my Prince2 Practitioner Course

Prince2 Course

This month I went on my Prince2 Course which consists of an intense week of training (including 2 examinations).

Previously, when I was looking at the reading materials on the Prince2 course I thought, nahhh. I couldn’t do that. I’m not that intelligent.

It took me a while before I realised that I was completely capable of doing the course.

Revising weeks before the course, gave me a foundation of understanding, a structure, which I could then add on to. 

Something I’ve learnt is to never underestimate your own capability.

Yes, I found it difficult.

Yes, I was exhausted.

Yes, I wasn’t sure if I was going to pass.

But, I put the work in and preparation was a key aspect that assisted me. Keeping a positive outlook really had an impact on my performance and learning.  In previous courses I have often stressed and worried about the outcome, which inevitably effected my ability to learn and retain the information. I approached this course with the realistic expectation that I will try my best, work damn hard and keep positive. These three aspects are what really enabled me to pass with minimal stress.

In my previous studies I have always chosen the more creative courses opposed to academic, which led myself to believe that because of my choices, I wouldn't succeed in pursuing more academic tasks.

After passing my course officially being an official Prince2 Practitioner, this will be evidence for me that I am more than capable.

Never assume that a job or course is suited for other people and not yourself. If you want it and your willing to work for it, theres no reason to continue believing you aren't worthy of it.

Thank you for your ongoing support! It means the world to me! ☺︎

Jordie - MsBlackInk


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