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April Newsletter

Updated: May 13, 2019


Hello! It is the month of Easter!

Here are this month's offers, projects and studies.

This Month's Artwork Offer:

Title: Nature Print

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Coupon: Nature25

This Month's Study & Thought:

Tredegar Park and Green Meadow Farm

Great Tit nest replica, Tredegar Park

Recently hatched baby chick in an incubator, Green Meadow Farm

For the month of Easter me and fellow friend and artist Laura Honeybun went to Tredegar Park on an Easter egg hunt. It may be childish but we had a fantastic time!

We took pictures and spoke about the different types of plants, flowers and trees. Every so often we would come across a nest. They were scattered around the park with different eggs inside each one. Above the nests would be a wooden slice sign with a fact written on.

It was a really effective tool to not only get the kids involved but a chance to learn a new fact or two.

I particularly liked this nest where it featured the Great Tits replica eggs. It stated that Great Tits claim their breeding territory as early as January and then lay their eggs during April and May.

After completing our Easter Egg hunt we collected our chocolate egg prize and ventured to our next stop.

Green Meadow Farm.

A farm where you can feed, pet and even hold some animals.

We were lucky enough to see a chick just recently hatched in the incubator. Quite relative to the Easter event!

I had visited Green Meadow Farm about a year before and remembered a beautiful white horse was situated in the fields near the entrance. We walked to the fence surrounding the field, picked up some fresh grass from our side and sure enough the white mare came trotting over. Feeding her, stroking her soft fur and generally making a fuss was the highlight of Green Meadow Farm for me.

Feeding the horse at Green Meadow Farm

From our trip I took a variety of photos that has influenced my creativity and imagination.

I've drawn, painted, knitted, illustrated, sketched, graphically designed and even began doing more creative writing this month. All because of delightful day trip.

From now on I will encourage myself to partake in a sightseeing or day trip at least once a month. The benefits of these trips on my art practice (and myself) are both positive and mind expanding.

Till next time!

Thank you for your ongoing support! It means the world to me! ☺︎

Jordie - MsBlackInk


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