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Shrine Of Jord

Oil painting on wood with mixed media


Through the form of this portable shrine. “Jörð” in the old Norse language means “Earth” which stimulated me to explore my connection to earth.

The oil painting depicts a landscape from Pontypool Park, centring on a tree as the main focal point, a location that I have grown up with and many fond memories had been made.

Symbolism through the objects include: The wooden easel acting as a base represents my purpose in life, which is producing art. Vines wrapped around the base indicate the struggle of the journey, which all artists face. Acorns are presented equal to the main focus of the painting to depict the beginning of the journey.


Displayed within the acorns is an paragraph encouraging viewers to take one and plant it where they wish. The text reads:

“If today you are forlorn,
Please come and take an acorn,
Plant it home or far away,
Any may success come your way.”


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