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ARC Workshop


Art Resource Centre - Torfaen

14th Saturday September 2019


Organic Art Workshop


This workshop focused on using organic sources as the main origin of material. Having 3 different pre-planned activities for participants to choose from, it gave them the option to gravitate towards an activity they would prefer doing.

Throughout the process of this workshop, participants were encouraged to use their own creative flair in making other objects such as hair braids, bracelets and cards. Seeing the children’s enthusiasm in constructing other objects as well as the pre-prepared works was extremely rewarding.

Wooden Pendant Creation


Wooden slices were already pre-prepared into necklaces ready for the children to use. They adorned the slice with different stamps and decorated the jute cord of the necklace with glass and wooden beads. Feathers, leaves and nuts were used and threaded onto the cord.


Organic Painting


The organic painting section invited children to experiment with natural organic inks.

A selection of different paintbrushes, tools and quills were presented for them to choose from. Some children chose to keep the inks separate on paper while others felt the need to mix and combine them.


Organic Dreamcatcher


The organic dreamcatcher consisted of only natural materials. The sticks were pre-prepared with a large jute loop at the top so the children could choose to decorate them as they wish. Feathers, leaves, seeds and nuts were attached to jute string which were then attached to the hanging stick.




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