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December Newsletter

Updated: Feb 1, 2019


Winter Solstice – Friday 21st December 10:23PM


Yes Happy Yuletide!...Or is it Saturnalia?

Here are this month's offers, projects and studies.

This Month's Artwork Offer:

Title: Stag Landscape

This Month's Projects:

I will be working on a Wood Elf Illustration based off the cosplay I completed back in 2016.

I will be finalising the George Llewelyn Lloyd Timeline in preparation for my article for disneygeek.

I will be studying Jane Goodall's passion for chimpanzees and the amazing work that is completed at the Jane Goodall Institute.

This Month's Historical Study:

Title: The Gundestrup Cauldron

Date: Between 200 BC and 300 AD

* Cernunnos: meaning ‘The Horned One’ or ‘Horned God’ of Celtic Polytheism.

Cernunnos is the Celtic mythology horned God of nature, life and fertility. Legend states that during Autumn (Samhain), Cernunnos dies when the plants and vegetation of the world prepare for Winter’s sleep. When Spring (Imbolc) arrives, he is then resurrected to impregnate the fertile goddess of land.

Many have speculated that Cernunnos is a representation of Satan because of his horns and his depiction with an erect phallus. The Christian Church has regularly accused Pagans of practicing ‘Devil Worship’ because of the similarities they see between The Horned God and Satan.

At present, Pagan practice still views Cernunnos as the horned god of nature and not a devil.

Thank you for your ongoing support! It means the world to me! ☺︎

Jordie - MsBlackInk


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